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  • Sarah Lindsey

The Productivity Project

Productive: Achieving or producing a significant amount or result.

January, for me and many others, usually begins with big ideas and big resolutions. Then, despite my best/ mediocre efforts, two weeks later all my New Year’s Resolution energy has disappeared!

This year though I will be trying some new things to help me keep my resolutions- I’m calling it the Productivity Project. The purpose of the productivity project is to help me become an overall more productive person. How??? Good question! This year I will be following these 5 tips in my efforts to become a more productive person.

  1. Focus on one goal at a time- We’ve all experienced trying to juggle too many goals at once, this year I’m going to pick my top goal and actually achieve it!

  2. Keeping a distraction list- A distraction list might sound a little counterintuitive but this is for those of us (like me!) that always seem to have a million things trying to distract us. Keep a notepad or sticky note at your desk and when a distraction pops up write it down on the list and keep working. Once you have finished your work go ahead and work through the distraction list.

  3. Don’t multitask- This goes hand in hand with goal #1, pick a task and focus on it until you finish it.

  4. Develop simple routines- Creating a daily routine can help your brain to motivate you more effectively.

  5. Take the time to recharge- You will not be productive if you’re exhausted, taking the time to rest and recharge will help you be your most effective when working.

I’m hoping that by following these tips 2021 will be my most effective year yet. Let’s tackle our 2021 resolutions together. What are your best tips for keeping your resolutions?

*This blog post was inspired by an article written by Steve Pogue, check out his 18 tips for being more productive here:

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