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  • Sarah Lindsey

Upping Your Virtual Conference Game

Virtual conference strategies that will help you succeed at your next event!

If the phrase “virtual conference” leaves you feeling anxious or with a sense of dread, don’t worry you’re not alone! Companies all over are adapting to this new conference format and with over 80% of web traffic being made up by video content it’s time for you to jump on board.

One of the most common questions that those hosting a virtual conference asks is: “How can we hold their attention?”, and while many virtual conference solutions exist, ranging from changing your virtual Zoom background to hosting a social media contest, there is an easier answer to solving your virtual event engagement problems. The answer is virtual event swag!

Gone are the days of the in-person event (at least for now) where you could offer pens and flash drives to the masses but the good news is that you can still connect with your audience. “The consumer is still consuming, it’s just different now,” said Royal Apparel sales director Glen Brumer. When planning your virtual event promo products you should remember these three tips:

  1. Get in touch with your customers! What is their brand? What kind of swag do they want to receive?

  2. Start planning early. You want the customer to have already received the product a few days ahead of the virtual event so that they can get excited. This could mean planning up to 6 weeks ahead of time, make sure your suppliers can be ready on time.

  3. Include PPE! Masks, head wraps, and hand sanitizers are a great way to show your attendees that you care.

Now that you know how to plan for your virtual event swag, here are 6 branded products that your customers will WANT to use.

Promotional Products for your virtual event.

  1. Reusable Water Bottles- Help your attendee stay hydrated by giving them a custom bottle to drink from! Find your custom water bottles here.

  2. Branded Comfort Apparel- Those attending a virtual event are going to want to be comfortable, share your company brand through these cozy hoodies.

  3. Power Banks- Is there anything worse than being stuck in one spot because of a charger cord? Offer your virtual attendees versatility through a branded power bank. Now they can attend your event wherever they are.

  4. Custom socks- Create a few pairs of unique socks and invite your attendees to share which socks they are wearing with a custom hashtag! Sharing your brand while inviting your attendees to participate- a win-win for you and your customers.

  5. Journals and pens- Give attendees the place to take notes and the tools to do it with.

  6. PPE- As mentioned above, face masks and hand sanitizers show you care and will help customers take your brand with them on the go. Check out our PPE solutions here.

By offering virtual event swag you are helping your customers get in touch with your brand personality and showing you care. Once you’ve added promotional products to your virtual conference bag of tricks you’ll be ready to rock your next virtual event!

*This article was inspired by articles from Cathy Houston at and Sara Lavenduski at Counselor magazine. To check out their respective articles follow these links: Conference Essentials

*Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

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