Company SWAG with a Purpose


       Promotional products/premiums are powerful marketing and branding tools. They are useful, long-lasting and appreciated by the recipient.  These products create useful and exciting methods to successfully interact and engage with your brand. 


       Our objectives in creating promotional premiums are two fold; first, develop an instant and memorable connection with your brand and second, steer consumers down the purchasing path.  Promotional premiums, if created correctly, help capture the essence and culture of your brand while helping to establish or create strong relationships with customers and consumers.


       Promotional premiums can help strengthen your brand in a number of innovative marketing platforms including:



            •       Brand awareness campaigns

            •       Event marketing

            •       Direct mail campaigns

            •       Product launches

            •       Customer retention programs

            •       Internal marketing efforts

            •       Fan loyalty

            •       Advertising

            •       Education of company products or services



Promotional Premium Infographics

Promotional Premium Infographics, promo stats, industry targets