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Who We Are: 

"Not Your Normal SWAG Company"


              BrightPoint Creative, a Utah based company, was established for creating innovative branded merchandise and promotional products to deepen the relationship between people and brands.  We have assembled a complete offering of services and promotional products to help companies create branded merchandise experiences that build emotional connections with consumers.  Those services and products include:



              •       Promotional Premiums and Products

              •       Branded Apparel

              •       Corporate Recognition

              •       Custom Manufacturing



              We are not your typical “SWAG” Company.  We take the time to understand your brand story, goals and overall business objectives.  As we develop branded merchandise, we engage our efforts in what truly makes your brand different.  We rely heavily on your vision because we know how important it is to you.  It is our passion to create branded merchandise and products that can become a comprehensive part of any branding or marketing campaign.


              Creativity and innovation is applied to each aspect of our development process, from custom manufacturing merchandise or developing entirely new branded products.  With our OCD like attention to detail, local Utah and National companies have trusted us to provide them with competitive priced promotional products/premiums and branded apparel with on-time delivery.


              Whether you are looking to reward employees, reach new consumers or customers, create brand loyalists or simply increase brand and market awareness, BrightPoint Creative is dedicated to developing branded merchandise experiences that build emotional connections for your brand.

Passionate about creating branded merchandise and emotional connections to your brand

We are passionate about creating branded merchandise experiences that

build emotional connections to your brand.

Custom Apparel, Branded Apparel, Personalized Apparel
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Corporate Recognition, Corporate Awards, Corporate Gifts
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Eye Opening SWAG Statistics:

"Statistics Beyond The Norm"

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What do you know about SWAG? 

"SWAG with Purpose"


                  When you think of the word SWAG, what are you first thoughts?  Is it the free products that you get at tradeshows and events or is it a funny acronym like “Scientific Wild A** Guess?”  Both answers are correct.  Would you believe us if we told you that we hate the word SWAG?  Why you ask?  Because most people think of cheap trinkets and promo products that quickly break.  When we think of SWAG / promo products we think of an effective marketing tactic and the power behind developing branded merchandise to use in connecting with consumers.  These products, aka promotional products, offer companies the chance to add value in the lives of their consumers while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and messaging.