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Online Company Stores

Revolutionize your brand's visibility with BrightPoint Creatives online company stores, designed to elevate your presence and streamline merchandise management. From our Redemption Store to the advanced Premium Store, we offer 24/7 access to custom-branded merchandise for employees, customers, and brand advocates.

Enhance your brand's presence with our custom-branded merchandise and an innovative online company store platform, backed by a team dedicated to supporting your every requirement. Offering your employees and customers 24/7 access to your branded products through an online store is a dynamic way to build and maintain brand momentum. They can conveniently explore your offerings from their homes, ensuring constant engagement with your brand.

Our solutions range from simple employee reward systems to comprehensive, full-service online company stores designed to be an affordable yet effective tool in your brand-building arsenal. BPC's online company stores offer numerous advantages:

  • Effortless Access and Distribution: Making branded items easily accessible.

  • Inventory Management: Significantly reducing the need for on-hand stock.

  • Retail Brand Variety: Offering a selection of renowned retail brand names.

  • Simplified Administration: Streamlining management processes.

  • Standardized Brand Usage: Ensuring consistency across departments and locations.

  • Cost Control: Efficiently managing and reducing expenses.

  • Enhanced Brand Engagement: Fostering internal and external connections through tailored programs.

Whether you need a basic employee reward site or a complex engagement platform, our online company stores serve as invaluable administrative tools. Explore the variety of store types we offer to find the perfect fit for your brand.

Redemption Store

Building relationships within and beyond your company is a crucial strategy for brand growth. Our Redemption Store offers a unique way to foster community among your employees and customers while enhancing your brand's visibility.

This user-friendly platform simplifies the shopping experience: visitors browse, apply a redemption code, and check out. In mere moments, your employees and customers can claim your branded products. The setup and launch process is straightforward and efficient, making it an ideal solution for engaging your team and client base.

  • One Page

  • 48 Hour set up

  • Low cost

  • Voucher code controls

  • Easy checkout with no payments or shipping

Basic Store

Picture the convenience of offering branded merchandise to anyone, anywhere, with just a few simple clicks. Visualize products featuring your exact brand colors and logos, all pre-approved and ready for widespread use without requiring any effort.
Our Basic Store provides a suite of elegant storefront options, complete with a customizable homepage, user-friendly shopping carts, and various product categories. This setup ensures your branded merchandise is accessible to all your audiences 24/7, streamlining the process of brand promotion.

  • Home Page

  • Brand messaging

  • Product categories

  • Shopping cart

  • Shipping choices

  • Gift Cards

Premium Store

Experience the advantages of a comprehensive brand store, free from usual concerns and complexities. Enjoy access to an extensive range of branded merchandise collections, including coordinated giveaways, gift cards, and coupon codes, all complemented by quick, hassle-free delivery to any location. It's the ideal solution for equipping your employees, clients, and brand advocates with everything they need.
The Premium Store elevates the user experience and amplifies your brand's reach and impact in the market.

  • Home Page

  • Brand messaging

  • Product categories

  • Shopping cart

  • Shipping choices

  • Gift Cards

  • Custom Features

  • API Integrations

  • SSL

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