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5 Things To Ponder Before Starting A Promo Product Campaign

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I have said in many posts on this blog that promotional products can help any style of marketing or branding campaign succeed and I believe this statement. Yes it is bold. Yes it does come as a surprise to some people. And yes I believe it. But what about running a stand-alone promotional product campaign? Are these effective? Do they generate awareness and revenue? The answer again is yes. Just like any other marketing or branding campaign there are point of emphasis that need to be focused on. Here are five things to ponder before stating a promotional products marketing campaign.

Who is your target audience?

Research has shown that 92% of people will keep a promotional product longer if it is created to be relevant and useful. Knowing who your target audience is and designing products specifically for them will yield the best results. This isn’t news in marketing but using promotional products is the vehicle to drive awareness and make people act. (Ultimately Drive Sales) Define your audience, it’s plain and simple.

What is the purpose of your Promotional Product Campaign?

What is the goal of your campaign? The last thing you want to do is buy products just because it’s convenient and you have the money to burn. Instead, establish what would be the best strategic approach to your campaign. How can these products connect with your customers? Is there an event coming up? A holiday? The more passion that’s behind your campaign the better it will go because it will be well researched and executed to perfection. The connection with your customers will be deeper and will have a stronger penetration level with these promotional product campaigns.

Are the promotional products consistent with YOUR brand?

Your brand is what represents your business and it is what will bring the customers to your company instead of the competition. You want all your products to carry the same consistency with the brand to keep your promotional message clear. You can keep your brand image consistent by using the same fonts, images and colors. When you keep your image clear and consistent then it becomes more recognized and remembered by targeted clients.

Which customers are going to love the promotional products the most?

Numbers like 87% of people who received a promotional product could recall the name of the advertiser as long as six months after they received it are a great place to start. But who are the 87%? Is it the adults, the teens or senior citizens? Promotional products are here to create a deep connection with your customers which in turn leads to a loyal customer base. Create products to connect with these people.

How to evaluate your promotional product campaign?

No marketing campaign is complete without a firm evaluation. Make a note of how you’re going to spread and disseminate these products. How many times was the call to action taken? How much revenue can be tracked to these products? In what time frame will you measure a true amount of success? Do NOT forget to evaluate. Cheers to a great promotional product marketing campaign.

If you have any questions that you would like answered please let us know in the comments below. We, BrightPoint Creative, Utah’s leading promotional product and branded apparel company, are doing awesome things on our website. Take a peek at thousands of promotional products, branded apparel, corporate and employee recognition award ideas.

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