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3 Questions to Tackle Before Starting a Promo Product Campaign

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I recently had the opportunity to be challenged. Yes, I view challenges as opportunities. After putting together a flawless visual presentation, ordering in custom samples and crafting out a program focusing on maximizing these products, my potential customer challenged me to answer one critical question about promotional products. He told me, very bluntly, that if I could answer his question he would give me his business. Again, I view challenges as opportunities.

The question this gentleman asked me was, “How can I guarantee that using promotional products will help my bottom line increase for this product launch?” He had me worried before he posed the question but after hearing it I knew how to answer it. My response was as follows. “I know that by answering three questions in the planning process you have success using promotional products. First what are the firm objectives for using promo products? Second, what are the products that we can create to emphasize the campaign and are useful/relevant to your brand? Third, how will these promo products set your brand apart or differ from your competition?”

Each of these questions deserves a little deeper explanation because it simply isn’t good enough to present the question. Here we go.

What are the firm objectives for using promo products? Planning is an essential part of the marketing process and it is no different with using promotional products. It is necessary to think how we are going to create, spread, advertise with and generate a buzz using promo products. Are you using them as an incentive for buying a product or are you using them to introduce products? By defining what the firm objectives are for using promo products the higher chance you will have of finding success.

What are the products that we can create to emphasize the campaign? That is the hidden secret to promotional products. There are literally hundreds of thousands of products to choose from. These products need to be useful and relevant to the consumers. In fact 92% of people will keep the product if it is useful and relevant. These products should mirror your brand and the campaign. An easy example would be creating a pair of sunglasses for an ophthalmologist practice. (I said it was an easy example.) Creating products that work on these two levels will, again, increase the chances of finding success.

How will these promo products set your brand apart and differ from your competition? Promo products have a real potential for very little investment to create a higher sense of value and care in the eye of your customers. Most brands know they should be using promo products but do not understand the power they have in today’s marketplace. By using promotional products to help achieve top of mind awareness with your customers and prospects is a cost effective and quick way to earn peoples trust and brand loyalty. People love free stuff, so give it to them. Just be sure that it has potential to increase your brand’s bottom line.

By answering my potential customers question by answering these three questions, we earned his business and I am excited to see the success that his next marketing campaign will have. Be sure that in your upcoming marketing/planning meetings that you can answer these three questions and I know that in the aftermath and hustle of the campaign you will be able to look back and notice a bottom line increase.

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