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Grow Brand Awareness by using Promotional Products Effectively

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Today, every customer is in some way or another a reporter. They write reviews, post pictures and let everyone know how they feel about businesses and brands alike. It is essential for brands to develop strategies to make these “reporters” happy and have a great experience with the brand. This is where promotional products can have a massive impact if used effectively. Growing brand awareness by using promotional products is an investment but an investment that will give the consumers something to report on in the brands behalf.

Promotional materials can be a great way to educate potential customers or vendors about your company and the services you offer and increase public awareness of your business. Knowing how to use these products effectively for YOUR brand is crucial.

Here are 5 easy, yet effective, strategies to make promotional products a key ingredient to your branding recipe.

Give Different Products to Different People: Consider using different promotional materials for different levels of clients. Give long-standing clients premium giveaways to thank them for their business. Give prospective new clients promotional materials that include educational materials or samples to effectively advertise your products and services to them.

Use a Promotional Specialist: Yes, this is important. Consult a promotional specialist to determine the best promotional materials to use to effectively advertise your business. They are in the business of finding the perfect products for specific industries. A specialist will help you determine the best products to use for your specific business and how to utilize them to promote your business.

Make Your Brand Stand Out: Feature your company brand or logo prominently on promotional materials so your business is memorable with the clients that receive them. These products need to be useful and relevant to your audience. In fact 92% of people will use them more than once if this is the case. Be creative and be bold when making your brand stand out.

It’s Always Good To Mix Things Up: Alternate the promotional materials you use to keep giveaways interesting and to continuously educate clients about new or improved services your business offers. Clients will respond positively to new promotional materials with information about new products they can use.

Create Promo Products That Create A Connection With Your Business: The most effective promo products mirror the brand who is using them. Gear these products towards your target audience and keep in mind that prospects and customers remember the brand and product for at least 3 months after receiving them. That is a lot of potential impressions for good or for bad.

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