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Marketing With Promo Products Helps Create Customer Relationships

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In the marketing world there is one thing that every tactic, strategy and plan aims to accomplish, promote or sell products and services. Marketing today is very different from even ten years ago with the emergence of social media, the dominating force of online marketing and the rapid pace of information that can be researched by customers. It is not enough anymore to simply create content and hope that people find it. Effective marketing plans must be created in order to build trust and relationships with prospects, customers and clients.

Promotional products have a unique way about them to instantly create a brand-to-consumer connection and help brand’s start to establish a relationship with the recipients. These cost-effective products instantly lay the ground work in the relationship between the brand and the consumer. As a promotional product marketer, a crucial part of the marketing plan needs to aim at strategies that will help to improve, maintain and create more meaningful relationships with our audience.

There are many reasons you need to develop these relationships. Most of the time, we build these relationships because it will help our business, but if you’re only creating relationships for that reason people will notice and feel you being unauthentic. People will only allow your brand so far into their lives if they feel your brand being fake just to make a buck. Avoid this at all cost, be authentic.

A quick example of how marketing with promotional products helped us and a close client develop stronger relationships with a local sports teams’ fans. We collaborated with our client and discovered what assets they had in place with the local sports team and what their business objectives and goals were to connect with the fans. After many discussions we created a simple jersey rally towel replica of the sports teams’ jersey. The plan was to hand them out at the next home game and monitor the success of using these rally towels. At first people came over to see what it was that we were offering. People love free stuff. When we showed them the rally towel each fan got excited. Our event marketing team had almost 5x the amount of people to market to and create a relationship with by the end of the game. We had people lining up to meet us and here our pitch, all from a simple rally towel. We gathered info on each person and the sales person who made contact. After the event the same staff member called each of their contacts back and reminisced about the game and the jersey rally towel.

Our client saw tremendous success in bottom line sales from this event and had a great opportunity to develop relationships with a new target audience. Promotional products and branded apparel are perfect vehicles to drive customer engagement and help brands create relationships with target audiences. It doesn’t matter if you use promotional products to increase social media shares while running a contest or throwing out a branded t-shirts at a ball game.

The point of marketing with promotional products is to create relationships with consumers. Yes, they create impressions. Yes, they get people excited. But the best path to real marketing success with promotional products is to create and deepen your brands relationships with your target audience.

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