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6 Ideas For Using Promo Products To Grow The Bottom Line

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

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It doesn’t matter the size of your business, number of employees or years you have been in business, the point of any kind of marketing is to grow the bottom line. In this post I am going to offer up six ideas for businesses on using promotional products to help increase sales and move the bottom line.

Promotional products, if designed correctly, are a perfect way to create a deep connection with your customers and employees. They have a unique advantage over other traditional forms of advertising in that the messages and branding on these products cannot be turned off. By giving customers and prospects promotional products and or branded apparel, the perceived value in the recipients mind on your brand immediately rises.

Now, onto the six ideas for businesses on using promotional products to help grow the bottom line. Not all of these ideas need to happen at once to see an increase in brand recognition or sales, however employing more than one of these ideas simultaneously will increase your chances of seeing quick success in the marketing and branding of your products and services.

Give Branded Apparel to Employees to Wear: Employees should be a company’s biggest advocates. If employees wear promotional items in their daily activities, they will advertise for the company. This form of marketing can be very effective.

Create remarkable items for Trade Show giveaways: Trade shows present an opportunity to be in front of a targeted audience. Create promotional products that will re-emphasize your brands products and services while also creating a deep connection with your audience.

Use Promotional Products at Events: Events help companies monitor the business’s reputation and ensure the company’s brand image is preserved. At a positive and proactive public event, promotional products may be given to make a greater impact on the audience. People love free SWAG.

Use Promotional Product in Social Media: Social Media is a big player now in the marketing world. If your brand hosts contests or giveaways promoting a new product consider using promotional products to help gain fan attention and interest in entering your contest. These items will entice people to click, share or comment at a higher rate.

Create Promotional Products to help build Loyalty: Customers who are loyal to a brand become the brand’s advocates. Giving these people a highly useful and relevant promotional product and watch them go to work for you. Give them something exciting and they become your mouth.

Promotional Products can be used as Deal Closers: Sales people often give customers promotional items just before they are about to close the deal to give the customer a reminder of why they are better than the competition. This is an effective use a marketing budget if it wins more deals.

Quick Question; does your company utilize promotional products as a real part of your marketing strategy? If so, what are you using, and how effective is it? If not, why (other than cost) are you not trying it? Now is the time to create these deep connections with customers and prospects and promotional products are the vehicle to drive up your brands bottom line.

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