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What Are The Best Promotional Products For My Business

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

What are the best promotional products for my business? In this segment on our blog we are attempting to answer any and all questions surrounding promotional products that we are asked about by our clients. These questions are given a great deal of thought and time and we hope that the answers provided give you an in-depth answer to the posed question.

Lets start out with some research that has been done PPAI. The research shows us that over 92% of people who receive a promotional product will keep it if they find it useful and relevant. You would be hard pressed to find a better statistic than this. People today love free stuff and if they have a use for it they will continue to see your brands advertising message over and over. Here are a couple of examples that we have seen that saw tremendous results and a high percentages of ROI.

The first example is a Local Recreation Center in Utah. They were tasked with increasing the number of participants at a triathlon event. They decided to use promotional products to make this happen. They ordered window decals, hoodies, running socks, shirts, silicone wristbands and even custom branded running shoes that were created by a local running store. They used these items to promote and to advertise on social media and on traditional advertising platforms as well. Each item was tailored for tri-athletes and were highly received.

The second example is a car dealership in Utah. They wanted to give anyone who walked through their doors a little promotional product that help remind people who they were. They were a new dealership in the county and were trying to make a name for themselves. Every week they came out with new promotional products for their guests. They used USB car chargers, Mobile Car Mount stands, tool kits and more. (Click for Ideas) Their average traffic per day increased by 13% every week for 6 weeks in a row. Use products that were highly relevant to their target audience.

The last example is a Real Estate office. Showing homes to possible buyers can be hard enough and these agents wanted to find products that would help the buyers remember them and the houses that they were showing. They came to the conclusion that the normal products just wouldn’t cut it. They created branded kitchen knife sets, cleaning supplies, gift cards to home improvement stores, flash drives, home key sets and even one month of free home cleanings from a local cleaning company. (Click for ideas here) Each of these promotional products were designed with the idea in mind that you would be “good to go” if you bought this house from me. Relevant. Useful. Creative.

These are just three examples that we have helped to create. All products need to be useful and relevant if you want to see any success with them. The question was, what promotional products are good for my business? The answer is simply this; a useful, relevant and trending product that directly relates to and inspires you target audience to think about and remember your brand.

If you have any questions that you would like answered please let us know in the comments below. We, BrightPoint Creative, Utah’s leading promotional product and branded apparel company, are doing awesome things on our website. Take a peek at thousands of promotional products, branded apparel, corporate and employee recognition award ideas.

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