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4 Must-Read Tips For Corporate Holiday Gift Giving

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

It has been said that giving the gift is better than receiving the gift. For organizations and businesses this could not be any truer. As businesses and organizations grow so does the expectations to give some kind of corporate holiday or Christmas gift, which is not a bad assumption since the growth is due to the hard work of all the employees.

These gifts are not just a kind gesture, rather they are an intuitive way to boost morale and ultimately strengthen the business, employee relationships and get people hyped about the upcoming year. The people on this gift list should include employees, customers, business partners and company VIP’s/executives. These gifts will have a long lasting effect if they are each tailored to the recipient, remember that.

This holiday and Christmas season WE wanted to offer out four must-read tips for corporate holiday and Christmas gifts and how to make them personal and create a fantastic experience for all involved. Here they are:

  1. Useful/Tailored gifts create a higher value: As mentioned above, on most corporate gift lists there is a wide variety of recipients and, just like promotional products, the more useful the better the gift. Do some simple asking around and see what each of these segments are looking for/wanting for a gift this year. If people are being listened to it will go a long way within the walls of your organization. We have seen in our time as a business that doing even a little bit of research it will show every individual from clients to employees that you care about them and, honestly, it feels better to give a gift you know they are going to like rather than just guessing and holding your breathe hoping they like it.

  2. Give the gift on an experience: Some of the best gifts that are given are not found under the tree or wrapped in a bow. One of the companies we work with often organizes and amazing event/trip for all of their employees every holiday season. Now I am not talking about a trip to Mexico or someplace big. One year the President and CEO of this company took their organization to the stadium of one of our local professional sports teams. They hosted a dinner and an award banquet for each employee. What the employees did not know was that the professional team was waiting behind closed doors and would be the presenters of the awards. Create an experience that your employees will remember.

  3. Stay on trend: What this means is if you are going to give gifts to your employees they need to be trending at that point in time. I remember one year back in 2003 a business I was working with at the time gave us all a certain CD, remember those. Well now in 2014 a better gift would be an iTunes card. Maybe not the best example but you get the point. This year some of the best gifts, that are not expensive, are tech-based gifts or cell phone accessories, just saying.

  4. Make a statement with the gift: Within every organization or business there are core values that are maintained. These gifts need to uphold those standards and values. If your gifts emphasize these values it shows the dedication of the organization to, even during the holidays and gift giving, always be striving to uphold the values and corporate standards.

These are our 4 must-read tips for holiday and Christmas gift giving. If you have used or seen any other tips that you think are useful, leave us a comment below. To read more articles like this one click here. Happy Holidays!

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