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How To Know When You Need To Update Your Promotional Products

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

It's often thought that keeping promotional items the same is the best way to utilize them for a business, but that's simply not true. Change is good, especially when it comes to your promotional products. They make a huge impact on how people perceive your brand, so it's important to keep things fresh and interesting. Here are a few ways we've found to help you determine if it's time to do an update.

Has your company logo or brand changed recently, but you're still giving things out with the old look? Time to do an update! It's important to update your promotional products when your company goes through changes in order to reinforce your brand identity, and to continue building brand loyalists.

It's important to have a reason for your promotional items, and not to just give them out randomly. If they don't have a purpose, it's time to create a plan so they do.

If you reorder the same item every year, it's time to get something new. Trends are constantly changing, and that's true for the promotional industry too. Keep up with what's popular, and order something new and exciting.

Pay attention to how your employees react to the items you've ordered. If they won't use it themselves, it's probably not going to go over well with your clients. Are your employees giving your promo products away? No? That's probably a sign that they don't think the item is a good representation of your brand, and they are embarrassed to give it away. To prevent this from happening, ask their opinion, especially if they are interacting with clients frequently. They are likely to know what your customers are interested in, and can give you some great ideas.

If any of these sound familiar, it's probably time for an update. Don't worry if the task sounds daunting, here at BrightPoint Creative we are always ready to help you. We've got great ideas to get your promotional products updated, and create a positive brand experience with your clients.

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