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Top Promo Products for Summer

It’s July and summer is officially in full swing! Pool parties, barbeques, and getting outside seem to be on everybody’s agenda right now; if they happen to be on yours here are 7 promo products to make this summer even better!

Cornhole- a BBQ classic for sure! This game is fun for everyone and promotes healthy competition at any backyard bash or beach day. Sets like this one here are great because they’re portable and fully customizable (which means you can add your logo)!

A group of people plays cornhole

Sunscreen- summer wouldn’t be summer without the distinct smell of sunscreen. Love it or hate it sunscreen is extremely important when it comes to protecting your skin from those harmful UV rays. Whether you're in search of a sunscreen kit or just a logoed bottle of sunscreen- we’ve got your back.

A person applies sunscreen

Beach umbrellas- I absolutely adore the site of a sandy beach with a sea of beach umbrellas. Make your umbrella stand out by getting one with your custom logo on it! Not only will it serve as a great meet-up place on a family beach day but also is a fantastic way to get some advertising done without having to work too hard.

A beach with many beach umbrellas

The beach chair- now that you’ve got your umbrella you need something to sit on underneath it. Enter the Sunstorm beach chair. Super comfortable and lightweight this beach chair is great for taking everywhere with you this summer.

A lone beach chair

A beach tote and towel- Somehow going to the beach seems to require an arsenal of items. This custom beach tote is perfect for fitting in a microfiber beach towel and anything else you might need to tote around all day (we’re looking at you, sunglasses) did we mention it also has a waterproof pouch? Toss in your wet swimsuit without worry about getting everything else damp.

A beach towel with shells

Phone-powered fans- Stay cool on the go with this fan. Adaptors for both Android and iPhone will keep kee you chill even when the weather is anything but.

Fan powered by a cell phone

Water bottles- Stay hydrated in style. A good water bottle is the foundation for keeping everyone happy (did you know that in the warmer summer months you should be drinking about two and a half liters a day?)! Drink up with custom water bottles for everyone in the family.

a reusable water bottle

With these products, you’ll be ready to take on summer fully prepped with all the essentials. Have an idea that you don’t see here, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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