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How Promotional Sales Reps Can Become Superheroes

Being in the promotional product industry has its challenges, (duh) especially when it comes to selling promo products. For many promo sales reps it takes a considerable amount of education for small businesses and entrepreneurs to fully understand the power of integrating promotional products into their marketing and brand strategies. Promotional Sales reps have a great opportunity to become “superheroes” for these brands by providing value and helping to achieve measurable ROI’s.

Everyone wants to be involved in the next big wave or craze in the marketing world, however the basics are the basics for a reason. Marketing is about connecting with consumers and invoking them to act and do business with a brand, and promotional products are the perfect vehicle to drive these connections. Promotional sales reps that see massive success are the ones who understand their clients’ business goals and objectives (on every level) and then create promo products to help achieve these goals and objectives. This might sound simple and you might be thinking that all sales reps do this, but frankly only the “superhero” sales reps are doing this on a consistent basis.

Promotional sales reps who are truly becoming these “superheroes” all seem to share these four habits. Before I reveal these four habits let me quickly define what makes these reps a “superhero.” These reps are the reps who have numerous repeat business from clients, meet and exceed sales goals and quotas, continually bring in new business and assists in identifying new markets and business development opportunity. They are not the reps who are minimalists. They are not shy. They are not passive. These reps are the “go-getters” of the sales team. Here are the four habits of the “Superhero” promotional sales reps:

  • Hearing the word “NO” is viewed as an Opportunity. Superhero sales reps hear this word and view it as a chance to wither learn or a chance to dive deeper into the sales process WITH the potential client. The word NO is not the end, it is the beginning to creating a deeper connection with the client.

  • Understanding clients actual needs, objectives and goals. Superhero sales reps hone in on the smallest details for each client answering the questions to fully gain an understanding of client. They do not assume anything, they listen and gain an intimate understanding and knowledge of the clients’ needs.

  • Die hard “Follow-uppers.” Superhero sales reps are notorious for being excellent at following up with clients. They are not pushy in following, rather it is done strategically and with perfect timing. They check in on every part of the sales process, from initial introduction to the delivery of products.

  • Never satisfied with what has been done in the past. Superhero sales reps are always looking for ways to improve the promo products that they are selling. They never settle for doing the same things twice. Always looking for the latest and greatest ideas to help the client achieve and surpass their objectives and business goals.

When a “Superhero” sales rep is clicking on all cylinders and doing/repeating these four habits with each specific client, your company’s bottom line will immediately see an increase in overall sales. Do you have any “Superhero” sales reps in your office? If not, use these habits to create them.

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