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5 Last Minute Tips For Promo Product Companies On Black Friday

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Black Friday this year, no surprise, is expected to surpass most sales records from years past and if you own a business, especially in retail, you should be grinning from ear to ear. We are in the Promotional Product Industry and yes we need to “Celebrate” Black Friday as well. I wanted to take some time and throw out five last minute tips for Black Friday prep.

Whether you are a promotional products company or in retail these tips are geared towards helping you stay in the conversation, help your fans and audience know what you have to offer and reach sales and other business goals. Here are the 5 tips for this Black Friday:

  • Prepare your Social Media Team: It is not enough on a day like Black Friday to simply post one Facebook post or send out one Tweet. People, now more than ever, will be checking social media pages of the brands they are looking for to find deals and see what exclusive offers they are offering. My advice is to be extremely active, not just posting, but answering EVERY question that your fans and audience asks. Create a special Hashtag for your company on Black Friday. Join the conversations that are happening with your customers. Social Media is Real Powerful and important.

  • Offer your employees incentives: This tip is very useful to get employees excited about Black Friday. Offer them some kind of incentive to refer people to your social channels or website using a special and specific promo code for each employee. Encourage them to take pictures of them Black Friday Shopping and post them on your company’s social platforms. Getting employees excited about Black Friday will help you and your business have a very positive experience this year.

  • Create and Execute a Last-Minute Black Friday Campaign: The big players in the retail world are notorious for doing this. They advertise on all platforms their exclusive offers and the reasons to shop with them. As a promotional product company, you can do the same thing. Offer your clients Black Friday deals. Be competitive. Be clever. Stand out. And last but not least have fun.

  • Get your website Black Friday ready: Tailoring your website for the Black Friday traffic is very important. Create amazing visuals advertising your deals and offers. One of the big things that is missing on Black Friday is offering pages on your site that are both visually appealing and answers questions about the products and services you are selling. Helping customers’ leads to great customers.

  • Don’t forget the Aftermath: Helping customers and driving customers to your social media sites and website on Black Friday is awesome but do not forget that the two to three days after Black Friday are just as important. Following up on warm leads that were created, answering customers’ questions, fulfilling and submitting orders and following through on the great sales and offers with outstanding customer service. Black Friday is only one day, but helping customers is a 24/7 deal.

These are our tips for this upcoming Black Friday. If you have done or used other tips that have led to successful Black Friday’s in your company, I would love to hear about them in the comments below. Have fun this Thanksgiving weekend and remember that helping customers is more important than just selling to customers.

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