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B2B Marketing For Promotional Product Companies in 2016

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Looking back over the past year it is evident that B2B marketing for promotional product companies is absolutely paramount to creating and sustaining relationships with clients. In today’s crowded marketplace, gaining the attention you work so hard to achieve is extremely difficult. With the numerous different strategies for content marketing, video, email, online, blogging and social media marketing, it can seem overwhelming to create a hard hitting and effective B2B marketing strategy for 2016.

Creating infographics is a top strategy for promotional product companies to educate clients and retain customers. Some stats on infographics stand out more to me than others but consumers digest more information the more times they look at infographics.

Here are some top takeaway stats from leading industry infographics on how content marketing can help enhance B2B marketing efforts for promotional product companies:

  • The top 5 most effective B2B tactics, In-Person events, Webinars/webcasts, Videos, Blogs and case studies.

  • 92% of top content marketers said that they use social media to spread content and re-use previously used content.

  • The number one initiative content marketers plan to work on in 2016 in measuring content effectiveness

  • Forget what you thought about social media platforms, in 2016 B2B marketing efforts should be focused mostly on, and in this order, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and finally Google Plus. (Sad, I like using Pinterest)

  • Top 3 challenges for B2B Content Marketers, Create engaging content, Producing content consistently and measuring content effectiveness.

That is my takeaway from this infographic. We could spend all day talking about content marketing strategies but suffice it to say, for B2B marketers and promotional product companies, creating amazing content and consistent content is the number one key to focus on in 2016. Measuring the effectiveness of the content you create can only happen if you are creating content. This is not one of those chicken before the egg scenarios, content must be created first in order to measure effectiveness.

Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out some of the cool stuff that we, BrightPoint Creative, are doing on our website and take a peek at thousands of promotional products, branded apparel, corporate and employee recognition award ideas.

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