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Why Two Big Brands Are Now Using Promo Products

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Every business searches for ways to reach new audiences and attract more consumers. That’s obvious right? Most of those companies are looking for ways to accomplish these items on digital platforms and for good reason. With so many brands competing on these digital platforms, finding more creative, useful and, in this case, practical methods of advertising and messaging is critical. Two big brands are have recently launched a promotional product and branded apparel ecommerce wing to their business. Why?

There are two reasons for a move like this; first is to connect with a younger, millennial like, audience and second is to highlight their ad messaging in a new fashion (pun intended.) The brands referred to in this article are Pizza Hut and Mashable. Each brand has a separate ecommerce site where brand enthusiasts can purchase branded apparel, promotional products and accessories. Using innovation and creativity on all these different products, both brands have entered the merchandising game in hopes of developing more brand impressions and loyalists.

Below are some examples from both brands of the kinds of products they have developed. Starting first with MashableShop. They have three categories of products, tech, apparel and accessories. Here is a sampling of their items:

Pizza Hut is going about creating promotional product in a different way. The products they have chosen to create are a little out there. According to an article by, some of their products include “pizza vision” sunglasses, a “dreaming of pizza” pillow case and a “pizza cuddles” blanket. Each item tells a story of a scenario that pizza would be on the mind. These items are available on Here are some “tastings” of their promotional products and branded apparel:

Both Pizza Hut and Mashable understand the power of integrating promotional products and branded apparel into the marketing mix. The rise of social media and influencer marketing has magnified the reach of word of mouth marketing and the brands who understand how to harness and, more importantly, implement these tactics are the ones who are seeing a high yield of ROI and bottom line increases.

Consumers today are looking for ways to stand out amongst their friends. They use social media as the platform to do so. By creating the kinds of branded merchandise that will be worn out on a Saturday night, not just out mowing the lawn, companies increase brand awareness and positive brand impressions. That is point of creating branded merchandise and these two brands are seeing the benefit.

Be creative when developing branded merchandise. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope with designs. The merchandise you create offers your consumers a way to tell your brands story. Pick products that your targeted audience will use and that add value to their lives. That is when the magic happens and real results happen.

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