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Fall Essentials!

Summer is coming to an end and Fall is almost here! Can you feel the Fall season slowly approaching? Cold weather, leaves changing colors, rainy days, and craving more pumpkin flavors than normal. Every season asks for its essentials: here is a list of 10 promotional products that you should consider ordering this Fall.

1. Fall is a great time to go outside, and this backpack is the perfect one to take with you! The ultimate accomplice for your plan of attack, the Stratagem has two compartments to protect tech and accessories. It is a great bag to use for adventures and school. It has multiple zippered pockets for gadgets and belongings.

2. As the weather gets chilly there is nothing better than having a cozy blanket with you. We have tons of options for blankets that will be perfect for you. Your customers will love staying warm with your branded blanket this Fall. If you want to try something different, wrap yourself up in the blanket you can wear! In particular our oversized, hooded poncho is luxuriously soft and warm—perfect for chilly nights at home or enjoying outdoor events.

3. . Sometimes Mother Nature can't make up her mind. Make sure you are staying warm this Fall. Nothing is better than a customized soft sweatshirt or hoodie. This sweatshirt works perfectly as a layer or by itself allowing you to adapt with the weather.

4. Beanies are a great way to show off your brand while keeping your brand customers warm and cozy. We can customize any beanie just for you, with your logo, colors, and will even add a pom on top if you want. This beanie comes in enough colors to wear a new one every day of the week and keep you warm and snug.

5. Fall is the season for coffee, make sure to get a mug for all your needs. They are a great way to show off your brand. If you need one for the road grab a travel mug and have no spills.

6. Stay warm this Fall during your favorite outdoor activities! These gloves are acrylic tips for easy texting without the need to remove your gloves. So you can root for your favorite team while staying in touch with other fans. Add an imprint of your logo or company name to the pouch for brand exposure year-round.

7. Keep warm during those brisk fall and winter games while supporting your team in style with a custom scarf. They are a great way to show off your brand while being stylish and warm. Our scarves are fully customizable on both sides and we can help you design something you'll love.

8. Make sure to keep your toes warm this season with some cozy socks! Custom socks are really popular right now, and they are a fun way to promote your brand. Whether you need some ski socks or just some cozy socks at home we can help you create the perfect sock for your company.

9. During the colder months flannels are a great way to keep warm due to their insulating properties. Promote your brand with custom flannels while keeping shoppers warm and soft.

10. Pumpkin spice is back in season! Available in an array of warm and refreshing scents, customers will love relaxing and unwinding with these candles after a long day. Customize the cardboard gift box and candle with a full-color label. They may smell good enough to eat … but we suggest you resist the temptation!

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