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Promo Products for Back to School

Updated: Nov 27

Now that August is here you have probably been inundated by enough ads or emails to know that it’s time to go back to school. While kids mourn the end of summer and parents prep for the chaos of getting a routine established again we wanted to share xx products that will help your brand survive the back-to-school scramble.

  • Remember how back to school meant getting a new outfit, shoes, or backpack? Around August I feel like everyone feels that same desire to get a new something to rejuvenate them for the rest of the year. A corporate answer to this desire? Fit everyone in the office with a new polo, bag, or shirt that will get everyone’s spirit up.

  • Another feeling that comes with back to school? Wanting new school supplies! Gift your team or organization new desk supplies to help them get into the end of summer spirit. Sticky note organization blocks, custom pens, or company-branded notepads are a great place to begin.

  • A great promo product for any time of the year? Custom water bottles! There is a reason branded drinkware is one of the most popular promo items. They are more eco-friendly, promote better health and hydration, but are also great for workers in the office or remote!

  • Backpacks are a major part of the school experience. Gift your team new branded backpacks or briefcases. Not only do they serve a useful purpose but they also serve as advertising to others who see the employee using the said bag! Talk about a win-win.

  • The right tech! School these days requires much more than a paper and a pencil, most kids can be found using laptops, earbuds, and tablets to complete their assignments. Your team should be no different! Tech items like the ones below are perfect for helping your team use tech to become more efficient.

  • These Wrapsody™ Wireless Headphones by OrigAudio are perfect for taking Zoom calls or listening to a company training. Plus, they fold up! Which means they're easy to take with you (even on business trips).

  • This Temblor Speaker + Charger from OrigAudio is the perfect deskmate! Loud enough so that the whole team can hear but also functional when not in use (it can become a wireless charger).

  • The Crumbee Desk Vacuum from OrigAudio is essential (especially if you homeschool your kids!). This desk top vacuum will keep the crumbs off of your desk and allow you to stay focused in a clean space.

With items like these, you and your brand will be able to take on a new school year in style and functionality. For help ordering any of the above items please contact us here. If you have any favorite school-related promotional products make sure to leave a comment!

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