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Tips To Make Your Next Event Merchandise More Efficient

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash

Planning for events can be stressful, especially when ordering merchandise for the event. Here are some tips to make it more efficient and successful.

Quality over Quantity

Choosing quality over quantity shows your target audience the understanding of what matters more than volume.

Instead of overordering and buying small merchandise to give out, having merch that people need will help out with overall purchases. Consider having attendees order online if merch runs out during the event and have them opt-in to receiving emails for new merchandise.

Be More Eco-Friendly

Customers are becoming more aware of the company's eco-friendly footprints. Choose products that are more eco-friendly materials or have long use-life items.

After the event ends, make sure to recycle all material! Utilize the leftover merch to gift to clients or reuse it in your shop. Brainstorm more ideas on how to use leftover signs or material for recycling opportunities, and look at donating them to a good cause or recycling them.

Don't Date Merchandise

When designing your merchandise, ditch put the date or event name unless it is necessary. Many people don't want to wear old merch unless it's a concert or

Many companies repurpose their leftover merch after the event is over. With the old date, you won't be able to. Ditching the date is a way to make sure you can reuse merch from events.

Do Giveaways and Competitions

To get more people to participate with your company start giveaways or competitions. Even do it online while the event is going on! Use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok to help promote the event!

Make it a mix of online and in-person competitions to help people come to the event! Remember the giveaways and competitions depend on how and what platform you are using.

This post was inspired by an article from Promotional Products. You can find their article and read it here.

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