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5 Holiday Promo Products

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

‘Tis (almost) the season! While Fall may have just kicked off, the holidays are right around the corner. With the holidays comes the gift-giving season and that means it’s time to start putting your gift list together. No matter who you have on your lists, from employees and clients to friends and families, we have the perfect gift. Check out our favorite holiday promo items below!

Tree Ornaments: Whether you're decorating a tree for in the office or looking for the perfect ornament for handing out to clients we've got you covered!

Glitter Ornament

Branded Outerwear: With colder weather on its way, outerwear that is branded with your company logo is a perfect gift for employees or clients. Brands like Carhartt, Eddie Bauer, or NorthFace are always a great choice when it comes to decorating with your logo. Plus, branded outwear makes an average of about 2,300 impressions in the product's lifetime.

Branded Drinkware: Bring on the hot beverages and gift everyone the perfect mug or insulated tumbler to drink them in! Drinkware is the most popular promotional product of 2021 and for good reason! Check out our wide variety of fully customizable drinkware.

Gift Sets: A gift set is an easy way to share the holiday spirit with friends, family, and clients. Gift sets like those from Batch and Bodega are perfect because they tie in a holiday theme with each set. To source, these sets feel free to contact us here or check out other options on our site.

Blankets: Snuggle up and embrace the colder weather with a new blanket. We love blankets because they are a great space to subtly add your branding while gifting something cozy.

Yorkshire Plaid Wool Blanket (Leatherette Patch)

This is just the beginning of the possibilities when it comes to holiday promo! For hats, shirts, notebooks, calendars, and even more check out our site here or our Pinterest page. Remember to start your ordering early this year as some items make take longer due to supply chain issues (to learn more about this check out this article from TODAY). For questions about decoration pricing and other projects make sure to contact us here.

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